Travel Nurse Jobs - Is Travel Nursing Right For You?

An Article by Brenda R.

Travel nurse jobs are everywhere. You can probably find some travelers right in your own facility. Most hospitals rely on travelers to fill in staffing needs.

You've thought about it... You've dreamed about it... But should you do it?

  • There are tons of great reasons to be a traveling nurse.
    Wonderful benefits are available to all travelers. High pay, free housing and other great benefits make traveling financially rewarding. There's no need to stay in staff nursing jobs for great benefits.
  • Plenty of learning opportunities. Each facility, and part of the country, does things differently. The learning opportunities are infinite.
  • It looks great on your resume. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills that may not be available in your facility.
  • You can choose where you would like to travel and explore. If you have wanderlust, you will definitely be able to fulfill your dreams. You can spend the winter in the weather you prefer... warm beaches or snowy mountains, you decide.
  • You will meet many new people. You can choose to travel to a culturally diverse city or a small picturesque rural town.
Ok, so, there are many great reasons to travel. How do you know if it is right for you?
  • Do you believe there are many different ways to do something? You will be sure to learn many of them. All facilities have their own way of doing things.
  • Does the thought of a new assignment every 13 weeks excite you. Most assignments are 13 weeks long. You can easily move on if you ready. Many times if you have enjoyed the facility or city, you can extend your assignment. It's not uncommon for travel nurses to only move a couple times a year and stay longer at their travel assignments.
  • Do you have at least 1 year of experience in your specialty? Most travel nurse agencies require this.
  • Are you outgoing? It makes it easier if you are willing to go out of your way to meet new people or to ask questions if you don't understand. Many units are used to travelers and welcome you easily to the unit.
  • Are you ready to go to work immediately? Orientation is usually limited, if at all. Some hospitals will offer a 3 day orientation, while others want you to hit the road running. As difficult as this may sound, it becomes easier with experience.
  • Are you willing to be proactive if things get difficult? Some times an assignment, for what ever reason, isn't a good fit. Be sure to speak up to the manager or your recruiter if there is a problem.

So, what do you think, sound exciting? If so, there may be some great travel nurse jobs in your future. Just where do you start? There are tons of resources.

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