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Philippine Nurse Association (PNA)
1663 F. Tirona Benitez Street
Taft Avenue, Malate Manila
Tel No.: 58-30-92 ; 50-15-45
Date of Accreditation : September 15, 1975

As early as 1917, a group of Filipino nurses had already felt the need to organize themselves. But the idea to form an association was realized only in 1922 when the representatives of different nursing groups and schools met at the nurses’ dormitory of the Philippine General Hospital. Presided over by Ms. Anastacia Giron, the meeting resulted to the organization of the Filipino Nurses Association (FNA). Ms. Francisca Delgado was elected first president of the Association.

A month after its conception, the FNA adopted its constitution and by-laws. The Association was incorporated in January 1924 and held its first annual national convention in the ensuing month.

With the primary purpose to promote the standards of the nursing and other allied professions, the FNA has been a major instrument in bringing about improvements in the practice of the profession. In cooperation with hospital authorities, the FNA observes the National Hospital Day which was first celebrated on May 12, 1926, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

The FNA was admitted as member of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1929. In 1955, Proclamation No. 539 was issued by President Carlos P. Garcia declaring the last week of October of every year as Nurses Week and authorizing the Filipino Nurses Association to take charge of the celebration. Among the other notable accomplishments of the Association are: the standard curriculum for nursing schools in the country, the publication of the handbook for public health workers, and the preparation of the code of ethics for nurses.

The FNA which was renamed Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) in 1962 continues to uphold its vision to uplift the ideals and spirit of the nursing profession in the country and to win for the profession the respect and recognition of the international community.

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