Apply For The Medicine Board Exam

Qualifications of Examiner. - No person shall be appointed a member of the Board of Medical Examiner unless he or she:

  • is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines,
  • is a duly registered physician in the Philippines,
  • has been in the practice of medicine for at least ten years,
  • is of good moral character and of recognized standing in the medical profession as certified by the Philippine Medical Association,
  • is not a member of the faculty of any medical school and has no pecuniary interest, directly or indirectly, in any college of medicine or any institution where any branch of medicine is taught, at the time of his appointment
Educational Qualification / Training / Experience:
  • Doctor of Medicine or its equivalent - Certificate of Internship for one year after graduation
  • For PRELIM ONLY - TOR & Certificate of having completed the first two (2) years in College of Medicine
The questions shall be the same for all applicants. All answers must be written in English. No name of the examinee shall appear in the examination paper but the examiners shall devise a system whereby such applicant can be identified by number only. In order that a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully he must have obtained a general average of seventy-five percent without a grade lower than fifty percent in any subject: Provided, That a candidate who fails for the third time in the complete or final examinations will be required to take a refresher course prescribed by the Board of Medical Examiners42 of at least one (1) year in a recognized medical school or college before he could be allowed to take the subsequent examinations. If the applicant is found to be proficient in the subjects in the preliminary examinations, he or she shall be exempt in these subjects at the time of the final examination. In case of failure in any subject at any preliminary examination given in accordance with this section, the candidate shall not then be reexamined in such subject in which he may have failed until he shall have finished the prescribed course of medical study and internship. (Amended by R.A. 4224)

Grounds for reprimand, suspension or revocation or registration certificate.- Any of the following shall be sufficient ground for reprimanding a physician, or for suspending or revoking a certificate of registration as physician:
  1. Conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude;
  2. Immoral or dishonorable conduct;
  3. Insanity;
  4. Fraud in the acquisition of the certificate of registration;
  5. Gross negligence, ignorance or incompetence in the practice of his or her profession resulting in an injury to or death of the patient;
  6. Addiction to alcoholic beverages or to any habit-forming drug rendering him or her incompetent to practice his or her profession, or to any form of gambling;
  7. False or extravagant or unethical advertisements wherein other things than his name, profession, limitationof practice, clinic hours, office and home address, are mentioned;
  8. Performance of or aiding in any criminal abortion;
  9. Knowingly issuing any false medical certificate;
  10. Issuing any statement or spreading any news or rumor which is derogatory to the character & reputation of another physician without justifiable motive;
  11. Aiding or acting as a dummy of unqualified or unregistered person to practice medicine;
  12. Violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics as approved by the Philippine Medical Association. Refusal of a physician to attend a patient in danger of death is not a sufficient ground for revocation for suspension of his registration certificate if there is a risk to the physician’s life.

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