Architecture Board Exam Scope

These are the subjects covered by the Architecture Licensure Examination in the Philippines. If you are preparing for the Architecture Boards, make sure you cover all of these in your review:

Promulgation of the Syllabi for the Subjects in the Architecture Licensure Examination


1. The following syllabi are intended to guide prospective candidates in preparation for the Architecture Licensure Examination. In general, they cover areas in which examinees are expected to have knowledge, understanding, and competencies when they start to practice the architectural profession.

2. The general coverage of the examination is divided into three major areas with their corresponding weights as follows:
a. History and theory of architecture; principles of planning; architectural practice (30%)
b. Structural design; building materials and construction; utilities (30%)
c. Architectural design and site planning (40%)

3. Each major area is subdivided into specific sub areas or concerns, as well as their corresponding rationale and description.

4. These syllabi shall be made available to all recognized schools of architecture in the country, the United Architects of the Philippines, and other concerned entities.

You can read more of the detailed guidelines on the Architecture Board published Syllabi.


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