Che Board History

On February 23, 1921, under Public Act No. 2985, the Board of Examiners for Chemical Engineers was placed under the Secretary of Commerce and Communications. When the executive department was reorganized in 1932 under Republic Act No. 4007, the Board was transferred to the Department of Public Works and Communications. The Department Secretary appointed the Chairman and Members of the Board, while the Director of the Bureau of Civil Service administered licensure examinations and kept all Board records including examination papers and minutes of Board meetings.

The first Board was composed of Engr. Ramon T. Feliciano as Chairman with Engrs. Vivencio S. Araos and Moises L. Miranda as Members.

On June 19, 1948, the passage of Republic Act No. 318 led to the creation of a new Board of Examiners for Chemical Engineers. The law empowered the Department of Public Works and Communications Secretary to appoint a three-man body that would administer the Board’s functions and operations. It also defined the regulatory powers of the Board on the conduct of licensure examinations and issuance of Certificate of Registration .

In its campaign to give its professionals the highest degree of moral standards, the Board laid down a Code of Ethics to guide chemical engineers in the practice of their profession. It formally adopted and approved the Code on January 14, 1985. To ensure that the applicant for the chemical engineering profession meets the required learning and proficiency, the Board drafted the set of Guidelines and General Instructions on the Conduct of Chemical Engineering Licensure Examinations. The guidelines provide for formulating test questions and a general description of subjects for examinees.

The same was disseminated and circularized to all schools and colleges on August 9, 1993.

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