Board of Chemical Engineering

General practice of Chemical Engineering

  1. What constitutes practice of chemical engineering: A person shall be deemed to be practicing chemical engineering or rendering chemical engineering service within the meaning and intent of this Act who shall, for a fee, salary or other reward or compensation, paid to him or through another person, or even without such reward or compensation, render or offer to render professional chemical engineering service in the form of consultation, investigation, valuation, planning, designing or preparation of specifications for or estimates of industrial plants or undertake the supervision of construction, erection, installation, alteration, or operation of industrial plants.
  2. The term industrial plant as used in this Act, shall mean any plant in which unit process and unit operation are involved.
  3. The term unit process as used in this Act, shall mean the type of chemical change which is involved in the manufacture of industrial products.
  4. The term unit operation as used in this Act, shall mean a type of physical operation by which a desired step in an industrial process is controlled or conducted.


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