Apply For The ChE Board Exam

Qualifications for Examination. - In order to be admitted to the chemical engineer's examination, an applicant shall establish to the satisfaction of the Board that:

  • He is a citizen of the Philippines;
  • He is at least twenty-one years of age;
  • He is of good reputation and moral character;
  • He is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering or its equivalent from a school or college recognized by the Government, the course for which covers not less than the total number of credit units equivalent to the four-year regular course in chemical engineering.
Educational Qualification / Training / Experience:
  • B.S. in Chemistry (Thesis should be indicated in the Transcript of Records)
  • Equivalent Bachelors degree with at least 60 units in Chemistry (FTB).
Scope of Examination. The examination shall cover questions relating to general inorganic, organic, analytical, and industrial chemistry, physical chemistry, applied mechanics, chemical engineering , and engineering law and ethics: Provided, That the relative weight of the chemical engineering subject shall not be less than forty per cent.

Reprimand, Suspension and Revocation of Certificates. - The Board shall have the power to reprimand any registrant after giving him proper notice and hearing, or suspend or revoke his certificate of registration for any cause specified in this Section, or for the use or perpetration of any fraud or deceit in obtaining said certificate, or for gross negligence or incompetency, or for unprofessional, dishonorable, or immoral conduct: Provided, however, That the action of the Board in the exercise of this power shall be appealable to the Secretary of Public Works and Communications24 whose decision shall be final. It shall be sufficient for the revocation of a certificate issued under this Act on the ground of unprofessional or dishonorable conduct on the part of a registrant, that he has:
  1. Signed any plan, design, technical report, valuation, specification, estimate or other similar documents, or works not prepared by him nor executed under his immediate supervision; or
  2. Represented himself as having taken charge of, undertaken or supervised the design, construction, erection, installation or alteration of industrial plants or chemical works, projects or plants, without actually having done so; or
  3. Represented himself as having performed chemical engineering service in connection with the manufacture of chemical and industrial products without actually having done so; or
  4. Represented himself as having managed, operated, acted as superintendent of, or maintained an industrial plant without having done so.
Application to Firms and Corporations. - A firm, copartnership, company, corporation, or association can engage in the practice of chemical engineering in the Philippines, provided only that such practice is carried out by chemical engineers holding valid certificates of registration and in the regular employ of said firm, co partnership, company, corporation or association, or by persons holding valid certificates of proficiency issued by the Board for the particular branch of chemical engineering involved in such practice.

Foreign Reciprocity. - Except in the case of persons otherwise exempt under the provisions of this Act, no foreign chemical engineer shall be granted any of the rights or privileges under this Act, unless the country of which he is a subject or citizen permits Filipino chemical engineers to practice within its territorial limits on the same basis as the subjects or citizens of such country.


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