Apply For The CE Board Exam

Qualifications for Examination. - Any person applying for admission to the civil engineering examination as herein provided shall, prior to the date of the examination, establish to the satisfaction of the Board that he has the following qualifications:

Be at least twenty-one years of age;
Be a citizen of the Philippines;
Be of good reputation and moral character; and
Be a graduate of a four-year course in civil engineering from a school, institute, college or university recognized by the Government or the State wherein it is established.

Seal and Use of Seal. - All registered civil engineers shall obtain a seal of such design as the Board shall authorize and direct: Provided, however, That the serial number of the certificate issued by the Board shall be included in the design of the seal. Plans and specifications prepared by, or under the direct supervision of a registered civil engineer shall be stamped with said seal during the life of the registrant's certificate, and it shall be unlawful for any one to stamp or seal any documents with said seal after the certificate of registrant named thereon has expired or has been revoked, unless said certificate shall have been renewed or re-issued.


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