United Architects of the Philippines

United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)
Upper Basement, Cultural Center of the Philippines
Roxas Boulevard, Manila
Tel No.: 832-11-25 local 267; 832-37-11
Date of Accreditation : July 15, 1975

The first professional association of architecture, civil engineers, and surveyors was born on September 14, 1902 with the creation of the Academia de Arquitectura y Agrimensura de Filipinas (AAAF).

In 1973, the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA), the League of Philippine Architects (LPA), and the Association of Philippine Government Architects (APGA) appointed representatives to a Panel of Negotiators tasked to undertake their integration into one organization. A year after, on December 12, 1974, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) was organized as the integrated organization. Its constitution and bylaws were adopted through a joint general meeting of the three organizations on December 10, 1975. The 1,300 members of the three organizations became automatic members of the UAP and during its first year, 700 members officially registered for membership.

On March 26, 1975 the UAP registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and became the first professional organization accredited by PRC with a certificate of accreditation issued on May 12, 1975. That same year, the UAP established its first eight regional chapters and held its first national elections on December 12 with Jose V. Herrera elected as National President.

In 1978, the UAP organized the National Conference on Architectural Education which resulted to the endorsement of a ladder-type curriculum for architectural education later adopted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. On March 28, 1981, the UAP initiated the preparation of the “International Code of Ethics on Consulting Services” which was formally adopted by the Architects Regional Council in Asia (ARCASIA) on August 6 of the same year. The UAP also hosted the first and the sixth Asian Congress of Architects in Manila. The UAP is a founding member of the Philippine Council for Planning and Housing (PCPH), the ARCASIA, the ARCASIA Board of Architectural Education (ABAE) organized in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the ASEAN Association for Planning and Housing (AAPH).



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