My Own Board Exam Experience

Previously, I just wrote about my cousin who took the Nursing Board Exam. The results are not out yet so we will be anxiously waiting.

It reminded me of my own experience. I myself took the Board Exam for Chemical Engineering. Last 2000, at around May, about a month after I graduated college, I already started working. So during the weekday I was working at the office, and during the weekends I was attending the board exam review center. So my schedule is pretty tight with little time for other things.

The chemical engineering exam is not easy with lots of subjects covered. There's the science and mathematics subjects. There's the general engineering and also there's the chemical engineering specific topics - I won't delve too much on the details.

To cut the long story short, I took the Chemical Engineering Board Exams last November 2000 and passed. I am now a licensed Chemical Engineer in the Philippines. It felt really good to receive the Professional ID and to realize that all the hard work had finally paid off.

Original post last Dec. 1, 2008 by Buzzerzeeser


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