Nursing Board Exams

I just read last Saturday in the Philippine Star that there were around 90,000 graduates who will be taking (already took) the Nursing Board exams last weekend. My cousin was one of them. He had been thinking about these fateful days for months now, knowing better that this was the second hurdle he needed to overcome to be able to achieve his dreams of becoming a registered nurse and work in the States (the first hurdle was of course to graduate college).

The Philippine nursing board exams had generated some noise in the recent past due to some controversy about "exams leakage". I'm sure a lot was already written about this already. I just mentioned it now because for the current exams, the BON (Board of Nursing) has assured everyone that this time it is surely "tamper and leak proof". I sure hope so. Because any news of cheating would definitely compromise the integrity of this nursing batch.

I know for a fact that the nursing board is not an easy exam. Besides memorizing medical and scientific terms, they also have to internalize a lot of nursing related concepts. Based on my cousin's feedback to me after he took the exam, around 90% of the exam questions were not covered in their review center! He called them "out of this world" questions. During the exam days, he met someone who was already an registered med tech and doctor. According to his friend, this exam was by far the hardest of the three. Due to the fact that the questions have no easy answer - like all the choices in the multiple choice column were equally correct/incorrect.

Anyway, hopefully my cousin will pass his exams. The PRC said that due to the large amount of examiners in this batch, the results will come out a little later than before - probably sometime February 2009.

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