Medicine Board History

The Board of Medical Examiners was created on December 4, 1901 by virtue of Public Act No. 310. The Board regulated not only the medical profession but also the practice of midwifery. Although the Board was under the Department of Interior, its members were appointed by the Commissioner of Public Health upon the advice and consent of the Board of Health.

When the government underwent reorganization in 1932 with the enactment of Public Act No. 4007, the Board of Medical Examiners was placed under the Department of Public Instruction.

On June 29, 1959, Republic Act No. 2382 or the “Medical Act of 1959” was enacted, leading to the creation of a separate board for midwives on June 18, 1960. The Medical Act was amended by Republic Act No. 4224 on June 29, 1965 and by Republic Act No. 5946 on June 21, 1969.

In 1990, the Board conducted its first fully-computerized licensure examinations.


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