Practice Exams ChE - 5

1. Which is not a derivative of benzene?
a. phenanthnene
b. ethylbromide
c. anthrocene
d. ???

2. Which determines the characteristics of a hydrocarbon?
a. number of carbon atoms
b. types of carbon bonds
c. number of hydrogen atoms
d. ???

3. 41.6 g of aluminum is mixed with HCl. The hydrogen gas liberated from this reaction is passed with copper oxide. How much copper is formed from this reaction?

4. A 32 g of compound X is mixed with 450 g CCl4. Find the molecular weight of the compound if the boiling point rise is 6.210C. K6 = 5.03

for nos. 5-7
For the synthesis of ammonia
N2 + H2 = NH3

Percent Yield of Ammonia (by volume)

Temperature 30 atm 100 atm 200 atm
200°C............67.6 %...81.5%.....90.0%

5. What is the partial pressure of ammonia at 30 atm, 400°C?

6. What is the pressure exerted by nitrogen at 100 atm, 200°C?

7. What is the Kp at 30 atm, 400°C?

8. Gave the name “oxygen”
a. Priestly
b. Scheele
c. ???
d. ???

9. Discovered water by exploding H2 + O2
a. Lewis
b. Lavoisier
c. Scavendish
d. Usey

10. The most important component of pitchblende
a. ???
b. ???
c. uranium
d. ???


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