Practice Exams ChE - 6

1. A colorless aluminum salt, soluble in water which is used in paper industry, tanning and water purification.

2. As water boils, the temperature
a. increases
b. remains constant at 100°C until all is changed to vapor
c. ???
d. ???

3. Saltwater boils at
a. slightly higher than 100°C
b. 100°C
c. slightly lower than 100°C
d. ???

4. Steps in the formation of PVC
a. calcium carbide -- vinyl chloride -- PVC
b. calcium carbide -- acetylene -- vinyl chloride -- PVC
c. ???
d. ???

5. Buffer solution resists changes in acidity. If an acid is added to a buffer solution, the ______ remains the same
a. pH
b. concentration
c. ???
d. ???

Refer to handbook for nos. 6-8
6. specific volume of compressed air at 150 bars and 160°K

7. viscosity of compressed air at 125 bars and 200°K
8. the temperature of compressed air with a specific enthalpy of 50.05 kJ/kg and 70 bars
a. 150°K
b. nearly 160°K

9. An ideal gas in a piston at 5,000 psia expands isothermally against a resisting pressure of 500 psia until its volume is doubled. Find the work done.

10. Jellies and paints are examples of
a. gel
b. emulsion
c. sol
d. ???


David Lee April 25, 2013 at 7:52 PM  

Thanks for posting such kind of practice paper as it will help in preparing for the exam and checking your level before going for the actual praxis test exam.

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