Practice Exams ChE - 4

1. What is the molarity of KH(IO3)2 with mass of 2.5 grams and volume of 500 ml?

2. What expressions of concentration are independent of temperature?
a. molality and mole fraction
b. molarity and normality
c. molarity and mole fraction
d. ???

3. Which will dissolve fastest in coffee?
a. lump sugar in hot coffee
b. granular sugar in hot coffee
c. granular sugar in cold coffee
d. lump sugar in cold coffee

4. How many milliliters of 6.0M HCl is needed to prepare 250ml of 1.2M HCl?

5. 184 g of ethanol is mixed with 1-gmol glycerol. What is the vapor pressure of the resulting solution if the vapor pressure of ethanol at the working temperature is 200 mmHg? Assume that glycerol is nonvolatile.

6. How much heat is required to raise 4000g of methanol from 2 to 220C. (Cp of methanol is 0.6 cal/g0C)

7. At equilibrium, a 1-L PCl5 is found to contain (in mole/L)
PCl5 = 7.05
PCl3 = 0.54
Cl2 = 0.54
Find the equilibrium constant.

8. What is the color of nickel chloride?
a. white
b. yellow
c. ???
d. green

9. What is the molecular weight of ammonium perchlorate?

10. Naming:
H2C = C - C = C
a. isoamylene
b. isoprene
c. ???
d. ???


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