Practice Exams ChE - 3

1. A barometer is a ___________
a. sealed-end manometer
b. open-ended manometer
c. ???
d. ???

2. A carbonyl compound is
a. One carbon and one oxygen bounded by a double bond.
b. One carbon and one oxygen bounded by a single bond.
c. One carbon and two oxygen bounded by one single and one double bond.
d. One carbon and two oxygen bounded by two double bonds.

3. Water flows down at 1000 gal/min. If 80% of the energy produced can light 100 75-W bulbs for 60 seconds, what is the height of the pipe through with the water flows?
a. 49.73 ft.
b. ???
c. ???
d. ???

4. The best indicator to be used in the filtration of a weak acid by a strong base is
a. phenolphthalein
b. methyl orange
c. ???
d. ???

5. It required 82 ml of H2SO4 to neutralize 12.0g NaOH. What is the molarity of the H2SO4?

6. A 620 mg ideal gas occupies 175 cc at STP. What is the molecular weight of the ideal gas?
a. 79
b. ???
c. ???
d. ???

7. A 0.1 M acetic acid is found to contain 1.32 x 10-3 mol/L of H+ at equilibrium. What is the ionization constant?

8. A 2-L flask is filled with 0.2 mol of HI. It is allowed to reach equilibrium at high temperature. If at equilibrium the flask was found to contain 0.078M HI, what is the Kc?

9. The percentage abundance of Xe in the atmosphere (% volume) is
a. 1.4 x 10-4
b. 8.0 x 10-6
c. 1.32%
d. 0.93%

10. Brix scale is used for
a. sugar solutions
b. LPG
c. petroleum
d. water


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