Practice Exams ChE - 9

1. A deposits P1000 per month in a bank giving 6% interest compounded monthly for 2 years. He stopped making deposits and withdrawals for 5 years. What is the amount of money in the bank after 7 years?
a. 34,304
b. 50,2xx
c. ???
d. none of these

2. A balloon moves vertically at 50 kph in still air. What is the velocity of the balloon in air moving horizontally at 40 kph?
a. 90 kph
b. 65 kph
c. 40 kph
d. none of these

3. What force is needed to move a block weighing 100 kg if the coefficient of friction is 0.3?
a. 294 N
b. ???
c. ???
d. none of these

4. A 3-g bullet moving at 3 km/s hits a 4 kg lump of clay. What is the final velocity of the composite?
a. 2.2 m/s
b. ???
c. ???
d.none of these

5. The resultant of force A(8 lb) and force B(13 lb) is 5 lb. What is the angle between A and B?
a. 0 deg
b. 180 deg
c. 90 deg
d. 45 deg

6. The elastic limit of a rod is 2.6 x 104 lb/in2. What is the weight of a load that a 2-inch rod can carry within this elastic limit?
a. 8.16 x 104 lb
b. ???
c. ???
d. ???

7. Project A costs 5.5 M while Project B costs 8.5 M. If the projects have earnings of 1.8 M and 2.4 M respectively for ten years, which of the projects is viable at a MARR of 25%?
a. A only
b. Both A & B
c. B only
d. none of these

8. Which of the following is a more modern measure of profitability?
a. capital cost
b. cash flow
c. profit
d. sales volume

9. In choosing between 2 alternative equipment, which of the following is not considered?
a. operating cost
b. machine reliability
c. none of the above

10. Which of the following is not considered a long-term debt?
a. debentures
b. bonds
c. retained earnings


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