Practice Exams ChE - 10

1. Which of the following is considered a start-up cost?
a. expense of training sales representatives
b. expenses of training plant personnel even if insured before start-up
c. costs associated with starting a new company
d. Profit loss due to timing

2. All are methods for evaluating inventory except
b. net present value
d. market value

3. Which is not considered a variable operating cost?
a. administrative cost
b. cost of scrap
c. none of the above

4. What is the length of the base of a triangle whose area is 1/3 and height is 4/5?

6. The force exerted in dragging a marble block 1 ft-square and 1/2 ft thick is
a. least when it is dragged from one of the edges
b. least when it is dragged vertically (1/2 ft-thick surface on the floor)
c. same regardless of which face is on the floor

7. A plane is moving horizontally at a speed of 120 kph dropped two bombs at a 2-sec. interval. What is the position of the second bomb from the first at the time of impact of the first to ground?
a. 117 m horizontally ahead of the first bomb
b. 117 m horizontally behind the first bomb
c. directly above the first bomb

8. Sound wave does not travel in
a. hot air
b. compressed air
c. soft
d. vacuum

9. Two sound waves produce a beat if they have
a. same frequency
b. slightly different frequencies
c. same amplitudes
d. slightly different amplitudes

10. This law states that the current through a metal conductor is proportional to the potential difference between its ends.
a. Ohm’s Law
b. Kirchoff’s Second Law
c. Kirchoff’s First Law
d. Coulombs Law


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