Practice Exams ChE - 17

1. In the titration of water sample using double indicator, the volume of standard acid required for the methyl orange end point is equal to the volume required for the phenolphthalein end point. The impurity (ies) is
a. NaOH only
b. Na2CO3 only
c. NaHCO3 only
d. Na2CO3 and NaOH
e. Na2CO3 and NaHCO3

2. If equal volumes of saturated silver chloride and silver bromide solution are mixed
a. silver chloride will precipitate
b. silver bromide will precipitate
c. silver chloride and silver bromide will precipitate
d. there will be no precipitate
e. none of the above

3. 3000 cfm of 65 degF air is required to maintain a house at 76 degF. 25% of the air entering the air conditioner is from outside at 90 degF and the remainder is recycled from inside at 76 degF. Determine the rating in tons of airconditions. (Assume sensible heat changes only and ignore dehumidification).
a. 3.95
b. 9.8
c. 2.68
d. 4.05
e. none of the above

4. Which of the following gases has lifting power?
a. nitrogen
b. oxygen
c. sulfur trioxide
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

5. The relative abundance of 2 naturally occurring isotopes of boron of atomic weights 11.009 and 10.01 is 80.80% and 19.80% respectively. Calculate the relative average atomic weight of boron.
a. 19.5
b. 10.81
c. 10.00
d. 11.4
e. 11.00

6. A solution of a weak acid and its salt which resists appreciable change In pH value is called
a. normal solution
b. colloidal solution
c. neutral solution
d. buffer solution
e. molal solution

7. Ideally, in a chromatographic technique, the individual compound in a sample will
a. leave the adsorbent on a different physical state than in which they entered it
b. become separated from each other as they pass through the adsorbent
c. become bonded to one another
d. attach irreversibly to the adsorbent
e. none of the above

8. The atom with the highest first ionization energy is
a. sodium
b. phosphorus
c. chlorine
d. aluminum
e. potassium

9. If the repulsive forces are dominant, the compressibility factor, z, is
a. greater than 1
b. less than 1
c. equal to one
d. cannot be determined
e. none of the above

10. 10.5 L of N2 at 75 degC and 760 mmHg are bubbled through an aqueous solution of a non-volatile solute, whereby the solution loses 0.2455 grams in weight. If the total P above the solution is 760 monthly, what is the mole fraction of the solute in the solvent?
a. 0.982
b. 0.018
c. 0.653
d. 0.347
e. none of the above


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