Practice Exams ChE - 16

1. Mathematically, a thermodynamic property is
a. A point function
b. A path function
c. Exact differential
d. Discontinuous
e. None of the above

2. The pH of a 0.10 M ammonium chloride solution is
a. 6.37
b. 5.62
c. 6.88
d. 5.12
e. 7.3

3. For all spontaneously occurring processes in an isolated system, which expression best describes dS?
a. dS = dQ/T
b. dS = 0
c. dS > 0
d. dS < 0
e. none of the above

4. The total number of possible structures corresponding to the formula C4H7Br is
a. 6
b. 7
c. 9
d. 10
e. 12

5. Which of the following quantum numbers for electrons could not occur?
a. 3, 2, 2, +1/2
b. 3, 0, -1, +1/2
c. 1, 0, 0, -1/2
d. 2, 1, -1, +1/2
e. 4, 0, 0, -1/2

6. Ortho and para orienting substituents enhances the rate of electrophilic substitution reactions except in the case of
a. methyl group
b. hydroxyl group
c. carboxyl group
d. amino group
e. ethyl group

7. Equilibrium conditions exist in all except which of the following?
a. in a reversible process
b. in processes where driving forces are infinitesimal
c. in a steady state flow process
d. when nothing can occur without an effect on the system
e. none of the above

8. What volume of 0.56 N HCl must be added to 1 L of a 0.10 N HCl in order to obtain a solution that is 0.15 N as an acid?
a. 132 mL
b. 122 mL
c. 120 mL
d. 130 mL
e. 125 mL

9. Which of the following statements is correct?
a. Galvanic cells can be used in rechargeable batteries only when the overall reaction is reversible.
b. Na+ his above Mg2+ in the standard reduction potentials. This means that Na+ will reduce Mg2+ to Mg.
c. Cell diagrams generally give the cathode first.
d. In the electrolysis of CuSO4, one Faraday of electricity is required to produce 1 mole copper
e. None of the above.

10. During the adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas, work is done by the system and its delta U
a. decreases
b. increases
c. does not change
d. all of these
e. none of the above


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