An Introduction to Nursing Jobs

By George Preston

Becoming a nurse is a transition that goes deeper than the knowledge gained from training and is an ongoing process. There are practical changes. Becoming a nurse is really a rather involved process. You have to first decide whether you like nursing and at what level you want to explore. Becoming a nurse practitioner is a good career choice. Demand for health care professionals in the United States continues to grow as time goes on.

Becoming a nurse is not an easy process, especially due to a lack of nursing educators. Still, becoming a nurse can open doors to several jobs in hospitals, clinics and schools, and it can be a very self satisfying career for people who want to help others. Becoming a nurse assistant generally does not take very long. You will continue to learn about your role as a nurse assistant once you secure employment. Becoming a nurse midwife on the other hand requires a nursing degree. Unlike lay midwives, nurse midwives can also legally prescribe necessary tests and medications to patients.

Prerequisite courses are likely to have been included in a biology or health related major. Besides English composition, oral communications, math and sociology or anthropology, seven courses in different science topics are required. Prerequisites are pretty much the same, and the courses within most nursing programs seem very similar.

Choose your employer carefully. If you do not think that you would fit in a particular company, you probably should not even apply there. Choosing the career for your future can be one of the toughest decisions you will have to make.

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