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For the recent college graduates who are going to take their respective board exams, the review center is one of the ways to help them prepare. But not all review centers are created equal. I have outlined some tips on what to consider in choosing a review center.

Note: I am not endorsing any particular review center. I am also not going to mention which review center I attended when I was preparing for my own ChE Board Exams in the Philippines.

1. Check the review center's track record. How many students attend their review center and how many eventually pass the board exams? The percentage passing rate by far is the most important indicator in my opinion.

Review centers usually have several courses offered for various board exams. And a review center's track record may be variable: it may be good at one course but not good at another course.

2. Check the review center's faculty roster. Most of the review center teachers are also instructors and professors in colleges and universities. Ask around if anybody recognizes any of the teachers and if they are good.

3. Check the review center's course outline. Check if the subjects covered are complete and the depth of discussion is comprehensive. Check if they can advise which topics to review in depth and which topics to just review in summary.

4. Check if the review center shares sample exams and schedules mock exams that help simulate the look and feel of the actual board exams.

5. Check the review center's class size. A very big class size will reduce the focus on each individual's learning process. But a small class size may mean the review center is not known to deliver.

6. Check for any discounts for honor students. Review centers give discounts (even free classes) for honor students because honor students have a high probability to pass and even become board topnotchers. These give good publicity to the review center.

7. Check the price with respect to the amount of time spent to provide effective coaching and guidance. Cheap review centers might be due to lack of good teachers. But expensive review centers do not automatically mean they have an effective system.Price is usually a big factor for a lot students. So extra care is needed to make sure the review center is "legit" and not just after one's money.

8. Check which review centers are being considered by friends and batchmates. Group effort provides an advantage over doing everything solo. Moreover, group study sessions after the review classes can help validate what was learned for the day.

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Anonymous,  April 23, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

where can i find those review centers?

Ceneval Exani Egel Guias Guia Prepa Bachillerato July 5, 2011 at 3:11 PM  

If you want to increase your chance of passing the admission test, it's wise that you get into a review school to help you with your examination.

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