NCLEX Critical for Student and School

The nursing student's journey does not stop after college. He has to pass the board exams too if he wants to practice his profession in the health care industry. Having passed the board exams in his country, he still has to pass additional tests if he wants to practice nursing abroad. For example, in the USA, they have the NCSBN and the NCLEX exams which might have different requirements per state. These exams are required for any nurse who wants to practice nursing in the USA.

If passing the board exams is important for the student, it is also important for the school. Certain US states maintain a minimum NCLEX passing rate for them to recognize a nursing school.

Having students pass the exam is critical for schools, too. They can't get full approval from the Nevada State Board of Nursing unless at least 80 percent of their graduates pass the exam on their first try. Full approval is necessary for a school to keep its accreditation.
I just wish this kind of government accreditation system will be applied to nursing schools in the Philippines where most of the nurses of all over the world come from. This system will prevent those sub-par nursing schools to continue operating. What's your take on this?

Reference: A lot rides on nursing exam, for students and schools


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