Resolution No. 2004-214


WHEREAS, Section 7 (b) of R.A. No. 8981 empowers the Commission to make such rules and regulations and issue such orders and other administrative issuances as may be necessary in the execution and implementation of its functions and the improvement of its services.

WHEREAS, as a general rule, all examinees shall be treated equally as ordinary examinees.

WHEREAS, there are persons with disabilities (PWDs) such as those with hearing and vision impairment (deaf and blind), physical disability (polio victims, with crutches or on wheel chair), and speech impairment (mute), who are allowed to take the various licensure examinations.

WHEREAS, the Commission finds it necessary to provide guidelines in the conduct of licensure examinations for PWDs.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Commission RESOLVED as it hereby RESOLVES to issue and promulgate the following guidelines in the conduct of examinations for PWDs:

1. The Application Division/units in the Central Office and Regional Offices shall immediately inform the Commission and the Examination Division of PWDs taking any licensure examination.

2. During the examination process, the Examination Division/Regional Offices shall render the following treatment to the PWDs as follows:

a. Blind examinees shall be assigned inside the Examination Division or in a room near the Building or Floor Supervisor in the Central and regional test centers.

a.1 A Room Watcher designated by the Chairperson or in the case of the Regional Offices, by the Regional Directors, shall be assigned to assist the blind examinee in filling up the data on the Examinee’s Identification Sheet per information provided by the blind examinee.

a.2 The Room Watcher shall read twice the test questions to the examinee and shall mark the answers of the examinee on the Answer Sheets.

a.3 The entire proceedings shall be recorded using the tape recorder and blank tapes which shall be provided by the examinee. The recorded tapes shall be submitted to the Rating Division for safekeeping and future reference.

a.4 A Certification shall be issued by the Room Watcher that the marked letters are the answers of the examinees based on the recorded proceedings.

b. Other Vision-Impaired Examinees such as those with low vision but can still read the test questions shall be treated as an ordinary examinee but will be allowed to sit near the window or where there is proper illumination in the room.

c. Physically handicapped examinees (polio victims, with crutches or on wheelchair) shall be assigned at the ground floor or at the lowest floor in the test center together with other ordinary examinees.

d. Deaf and/or mute examinees shall be given written instructions in the accomplishment of examination forms. Assignment of interpreters shall not be allowed.

3. The Commission may adopt procedures as may be applicable to examinees with other kind of disabilities not covered in this Resolution without compromising the integrity of the licensure examination.

This Resolution shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the official gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation.

Done in the City of Manila this 13th day of May, 2004.






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