Practice Exams ChE - 36

1. The over-all heat transfer coefficient of the above cooler is Btu/hr-ft^2-degF is
a. 91
b. 102
c. 85
d. 200
e. none of these

2. Which of the following does not affect the amount of dissolve oxygen in water?
a. heat
b. chlorides
c. dissolved minerals
d. bio-degradable organics
e. none

3. In binary distillation, the first component to condense in the distillate flask will be
a. the one with the lower melting point
b. the one with the higher melting point
c. the one with the lower boiling point
d. the one with the higher boiling point
e. none of these

4. The Reynolds number of a cylinder settling through a liquid is 1.0. The estimated drag coefficient for the cylinder is
a. 10
b. 3
c. 20
d. 1
e. none of these

5. The coal analysis which is based on the volatilization characteristics of the fuel is
a. proximate
b. modified
c. ultimate
d. elemental
e. none of these

6. One metric ton per hour of palay is to be dried in a tunnel dryer from 180% moisture to 10% moisture dry basis. How much water must be removed?
a. 3,400 lb
b. 3,400 lb/h
c. 110,000 lb/h
d. 2 metric ton/h
e. 1,214 lb/h

7. The capacity of rotary vacuum filter (Ve=0) is 10 L/h. What will be the new capacity if the fraction submerged in the slurry is increased by 20% maintaining speed and pressure?
a. 12
b. 10.95
c. 15.5
d. 13
e. none of these

8. To have a more accurate value of the boiling point of liquid is a distillation process, the thermometer bulb should be placed
a. just above the liquid surface
b. in boiling the boiling liquid itself
c. in the receiving flask
d. outside the distillation apparatus
e. none of the above

9. A single stage extraction is performed in which 400 kg of a solution containing 35wt.% acetic acid in water is contacted with 400 kg of pure isopropyl ether. The % HOAc in the extract layer is
a. 11%
b. 86%
c. 72%
d. 3%
e. none of these


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