My Wife's Board Exam Experience

Speaking for myself, review centers really help prepare graduates for the board exams. However, my wife has a different view regarding the need to attend a review center.

Back in 2001, she was preparing to take the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) for Elementary and Secondary Level specializing on Physical Education. Passing the LET was the requirement to teach in elementary and high school in the Philippines.

So what happened was that after she signed up to attend a review center, her friends convinced her not to attend. Her friends told her a story about one of their common friends who did not attend a review center and still passed. Apparently, they did not have a high regard for this friend, and he became their benchmark:

"Eh kung si XX nga pumasa, lasing pa yun nung nag exam yun? Bakit ka pa mag re-review?" (Loosely translated: Why do you need to attend a review center, when on the other hand, Mr XX passed without it? He even took the exam while he was drunk!)

Ultimately, my wife listened to her friends and did not attend the review center. She still studied hard, but only by herself. The result was, she passed the exams.

Original post last Dec. 1, 2008 by Buzzerzeeser


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