The Male Nurse: A Non Traditional Occupation

This year, my cousin graduated as Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After seven months, he then took the Nursing Board Exams. Although the results won't be out until after 3 months of waiting, I hope he will pass and become a full fledged nurse. He has dreams of working abroad; and passing the Board Exams is the next step to take toward his dream.

Although nurses in the past were mostly women, the trend of male students taking nursing in college is steadily increasing. I remember in the movie "Meet the Parents", the character of Ben Stiller was a male nurse and it was seen by the other characters as an unusual choice for a career. He was stereotyped and given a hard time by the family of his girlfriend, especially the father.

Well, that movie was shown in 2000. Since then, the concept of the male nurse has come a long way towards general acceptance. They are still the minority, but that does not mean they are at a disadvantage.

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